September 16, 2009

Dear We Swap Books Member

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been updating the site blog and I’ve changed my twitter account to rabbell rather than weswapbooks. You may have noticed a lack of a newsletter lately and the promised wishlist is taking a while in arriving. This is because I can officially confirm the site is closing down. That’s right, as of September the 25th there will be no We Swap Books.

Reasons, well a few actually…

It’s personally costing me a few quid to run and advertise the site. I would rather be spending that cash elsewhere. I think the site is a good idea and I think with some more time and investment it could produce its own revenue. But I think it will take more advertising as well as more time, investment and energy than I am unwilling to give it.

My wife and I had our first baby 3 months ago and to be honest the thought of not spending time with them to spend working on the site is crazy to me. I’m also not crazy about spending more cash on the site at this time.

I have mentioned a couple of times a sister site and I will hold onto all the domains with the idea of launching the sister site sometime in the future, but to be honest not the near future.

I hope you’re not disappointed with this decision. If you’re looking for somewhere online to swap books I would suggest Read It, Swap It and BookMooch both good sites and you will probably be able to find me on at least one of them in the future.

I’ve enjoyed running the site these last few years, got some good books and chatted to some nice people. I’ll still be posting on twitter and will show up at events every now and again so maybe run into you in the future. But as for the site, that’s that.