As you probably guessed the changes I had in mind for the site for the 1st of November weren’t ready for then. I’m almost finished all the changes (the main one being a site restructure and redesign) and I hope to have everything up and running for January.

I would also like to give a tip to people who run their own websites. During this last month I have been building the new site and it has taken time. Lots of content, functionality and design bits to be readjusted and tested. So as a result I haven’t been promoting the existing site as much. In fact not at all. Don’t ever let yourself fall into this trap. Your site always, ALWAYS, needs promoted. I’ve learned my lesson.

I will hopefully post a screenshot of the new design and a list of features, hopefully before the end of November, so keep your eyes peeled.


I am a huge fan of the Kurt Wallander books by Henning Mankell and was pleased to discover this morning that on Sunday, this Sunday the 30th of November, shown on BBC1 at 9pm will be the first of three TV Movies adapted from Mankells books.

Some more information on this blog, including excerpts from a Branagh interview :

Like I say I am a huge fan and I’m suprised they got such a notable actor like Kenneth Branagh to play Wallander. Being filmed in Sweden, this has all the ingredients to be great.

Fingers Crossed.