state of the union

October 1, 2008

I seem to have fallen out with the guys who run gumtree. Not sure why, but they say they see me as competition to their swapping section. Even though they have ads for titletrader and other swapping websites on there. Difference being these guys paid for their ads, I wanted free ones. At the moment the site makes no money…none. So I’m trying to stick to free advertisements, not easy online I can tell you. I do sometimes post the odd ad on facebook but believe me, I’m not doing that on a regular basis…simply can’t afford to.

It’s a bit frustrating just now because I would like to plough on with the new and improved We Swap Books, but it’s proving a little difficult. After 3 years my wife and I have almost completed our house (just need to paint the hall, get a new front door and then carpet the hall) so finally, finally that nightmare is almost at an end. And I’m building a website for one of my wife’s friends so again, it’s tough to get time. But the new website is going to rock…hopefully it’ll be up and running soon.

New features are going to include email alerts, improved members section, new design, the USA site and much more. Also going to try and remove the book comments and replace it with more of a book rating system, but that is proving difficult, so for this update I might not get around to that.

Keep your eyes peeled though because the new site is on the way.


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