1st of November

September 17, 2008

Keep your eyes peeled guys, this November the 1st 2008 the new and improved We Swap Books will be launched, including

  • More functionality
  • Easier to use and understand
  • New design
  • Our USA site will go live as well
  • 2 competitions launched on the 1st (one in the UK, one in the US)
So, keep your eyes peeled.

On the way

September 11, 2008

Roberts to-do list

  1. Redesign website
  2. Add more functionality and features
  3. Build and launch USA site
  4. Launch competition due for November

Phew! I’m working on number one just now and hope to have everything up and running before the end of October, including the American site.

Also I like to big up people who are impressed by the things I build :o) so go check out this guys blog


A great blog and some free ebooks on his blog, his site is well worth a visit. I haven’t had the chance to read one of his ebooks yet, but his latest “Of the night” is available on the site and it is on my to-read list. Like I say the blog is good, so please go check it out.


If you think you know someone who would enjoy the site. Maybe they have books to swap, maybe they are fed up buying new books every week for the commute to work. And they’re in the UK, then let them know.

I’m trying to spread word of the site to the four corners of the web, if you can help in anyway…let me know.


September 2, 2008

You might have noticed that a recent edition to the site has been book reviews (the reviews tab from the front page leads to)


If you’d like to submit a book review for everyone on the site to enjoy then please, contact me and I’ll give you an idea of what books are suitable and that kind of thing. No prizes (not this time around anyway) but you never know.

Please don’t be put off by the length of the one we have on the site just now (Lilly did a fantastic job writing this one and the fact it’s so long is utterly my fault, I found some 2000 word book reviews and thought that was a good length. It’s not, but not Lillys fault (who produced a great review despite this) the fault is totally mine).

Lilly Hunter’s review for “A good old fashioned future” is a great review of one of my favourite sci-fi books. Click here to check it out.

I might include one’s I like in the next newsletter and if you have a link, I will add a link to your site from your blog.