edinburgh book festival

August 25, 2008

A little disappointed I didn’t get to the book festival more often this year. I was ill for the start of the festival and then the weather really took a turn for the worse the rest of the festival, I only managed to make it along twice and hand out leaflets outside. I think handing out leaflets outside is a good way to gather more members for the site and generate interest in our community.

A few things that disappointed me while handing out leaflets

  • Staff from the festival were very dismissive of me. I had thought if they were really into books they would have at the very least taken one of my leaflets, especially as I was saying “book swapping site” to them. They not only were pretty dismissive, some of them outright ignored me. Now I can understand this to a degree as they did have a few people outside advertising shows, but as far as I could tell…the times I was there I was the only one actually handing out leaflets for something book related. So a bit miffed with the staff at the festival…
  • The amount of tourists I saw that were almost hit with a car outside the festival was worrying to say the least. Now I was only outside about 3 hours this year but I think every 10 mins a tourist would just walk out, how no-one was hurt is a miracle. In saying that Edinburgh drivers coming up to Charlotte Square aren’t the most patient. Especially the day 5 of them sat and beeped horns at an old woman who was taking to long to cross the road…an old woman with 2 walking sticks. I mean what was she going to do, drop them and run.
  • At one point I felt kinda sick and shaky so I went inside the festival to get something to eat. So I bought a can opf lemonade and a biscuit (an empire biscuit to be precise cause I found it funny the guy behind the till didn’t know what I meant when I called it an empire biscuit. I said “been in catering long then” to which I got a bemused look. No more bemused he got when he told me for a can of lemonade and biscuit I owed him £3. £3. Remind me to take food next time I go.

To be honest if it weren’t for my site and handing out leaflets I would give next years book festival a miss. Unfortunately I won’t be able to, like I say it’s just too good an oppurtunity to let other book lovers know about the site. Mind you by next year hopefully the site will be a bit bigger, sister site should be up and running by this time next year.


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