August 15, 2008

Well after a late night, the forum is up and running.

Sent out the 1st newsletter today as well and later tonight I hope to add about 15(ish) books to the site. If you’re at the book festival tomorrow, I’ll be the one in the We Swap Books t-shirt handing out leaflets.

Now I asked this question in the forum, so I’ll ask it here as well…

As some of you may know I have 2 more sites in the planning stage.

  • A version of this site for the USA
  • This places sister site that I’m playing close to my chest for now

This is not to mention a complete redesign for the site, most likely in the new year. I have a question though. In terms of the USA site, would you guys prefer it if it was a standalone site or mixed with the current site?

Would you like to be able to swap books with members in the states or not?

Let me know what you think because it will influence how I build the USA site.


2 Responses to “phew”

  1. A community of readers, a place for bibliophiles to come to, book-lovers swapping novels and opinions, sharing their favorites….man, I love this. Keep up the good work…

  2. weswapbooks said

    thanks, it’s early days yet (just coming up to our first year anniversary) but I’ve got big plans for the place. Including our USA site I hope to have running before the New Year.

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