August 28, 2008

We just hit 100 members, YES!!!

In April we had 9, today 100…a fast turnaround and long may it continue


edinburgh book festival

August 25, 2008

A little disappointed I didn’t get to the book festival more often this year. I was ill for the start of the festival and then the weather really took a turn for the worse the rest of the festival, I only managed to make it along twice and hand out leaflets outside. I think handing out leaflets outside is a good way to gather more members for the site and generate interest in our community.

A few things that disappointed me while handing out leaflets

  • Staff from the festival were very dismissive of me. I had thought if they were really into books they would have at the very least taken one of my leaflets, especially as I was saying “book swapping site” to them. They not only were pretty dismissive, some of them outright ignored me. Now I can understand this to a degree as they did have a few people outside advertising shows, but as far as I could tell…the times I was there I was the only one actually handing out leaflets for something book related. So a bit miffed with the staff at the festival…
  • The amount of tourists I saw that were almost hit with a car outside the festival was worrying to say the least. Now I was only outside about 3 hours this year but I think every 10 mins a tourist would just walk out, how no-one was hurt is a miracle. In saying that Edinburgh drivers coming up to Charlotte Square aren’t the most patient. Especially the day 5 of them sat and beeped horns at an old woman who was taking to long to cross the road…an old woman with 2 walking sticks. I mean what was she going to do, drop them and run.
  • At one point I felt kinda sick and shaky so I went inside the festival to get something to eat. So I bought a can opf lemonade and a biscuit (an empire biscuit to be precise cause I found it funny the guy behind the till didn’t know what I meant when I called it an empire biscuit. I said “been in catering long then” to which I got a bemused look. No more bemused he got when he told me for a can of lemonade and biscuit I owed him £3. £3. Remind me to take food next time I go.

To be honest if it weren’t for my site and handing out leaflets I would give next years book festival a miss. Unfortunately I won’t be able to, like I say it’s just too good an oppurtunity to let other book lovers know about the site. Mind you by next year hopefully the site will be a bit bigger, sister site should be up and running by this time next year.

Nigerian School Books

August 18, 2008

Standing outside the book festival handing out bookmarkers I met a guy who was promoting an African Children Stories show happening later that day. I got chatting to him and he let me know something quite interesting.

Apparently the rate of inflation in Nigeria has made many things unaffordable for a lot of people, one of them is school books. He’s been spending his time trying to find second hand school books (I don’t think the subject matters or even age range) to send to Nigeria where they’re screaming out for these kinda resources.  Education is a big thing in Nigeria (where isn’t it?) and this would be a huge help for a lot of kids.

I said I would help anyway I could, so…

Does anyone know anywhere or anyhow to get a load of second hand school books to send to Nigeria?


August 15, 2008

Well after a late night, the forum is up and running.

Sent out the 1st newsletter today as well and later tonight I hope to add about 15(ish) books to the site. If you’re at the book festival tomorrow, I’ll be the one in the We Swap Books t-shirt handing out leaflets.

Now I asked this question in the forum, so I’ll ask it here as well…

As some of you may know I have 2 more sites in the planning stage.

  • A version of this site for the USA
  • This places sister site that I’m playing close to my chest for now

This is not to mention a complete redesign for the site, most likely in the new year. I have a question though. In terms of the USA site, would you guys prefer it if it was a standalone site or mixed with the current site?

Would you like to be able to swap books with members in the states or not?

Let me know what you think because it will influence how I build the USA site.

today’s a big day

August 13, 2008

I hope to launch the forum today and send out the first newsletter for the site.

A lot of work involved in both (as I’m sure you can imagine) so fingers crossed everything goes ok.

Also today the site is being promoted on Gumtree and Facebook and hopeful of being featured in a national newspaper very soon…fingers crossed. Weather permitting I’ll also be at the Edinburgh Book Festival this Saturday (16th) handing out free bookmarkers, so feel free to say hi.

In preperation for what is a big day I’ve added 14 new books to the site and plan to add around 20ish later today as well.

EDIT: Ok, bit of a small problem with the forum and coupled together with the fact I went and seen Batman for a 3rd time last night, I’ve not got the forum copied over yet. But fingers crossed today I will. Newsletter should come out Friday.

cool book covers site

August 5, 2008

I found a pretty cool website that lets people look at some amazing book cover designs and rate them. Pop over and visit the site, you’ll find yourself looking at the designs for hours.