some small things

July 17, 2008

just a quick update on the site this time around…

  • 2 new sections added in the shape of the spirituality & religion section and the politics section. When the site was launched I didn’t want to have too many sections with very little books. So I decided to lump a great many of them into the section titled “Other”. I received an email asking for a religious section and decided to separate these 2 subjects from the other section.
  • The first inaugural newsletter is on the way. The hold up at the moment is I wanted to include a book review in the first newsletter and I suck at writing book reviews…just awful. So what I was going to do instead was ask someone else to write it. I’m still looking for someone, asked a few people and no luck yet, but fingers crossed something happens soon. By the way if you or someone else you know would like a stab at it, let me know (reply in a comment here or send me a message from the WSB Site).
  • You may have noticed the changes to the scores on the site, it now includes your swap total as well. This is taken from the amount of feedback you have, so if you have a lower swap score than you thought you should have, this is why. It’s based on the amount of swaps you have feedback for, not just the amount of swaps. Feedback is not mandatory so sometimes the scores won’t match. Also I hope it will encourage everyone to leave feedback after each swap.
  • More promotion. You may have seen our ads in Facebook and Gumtree. Over the next few days I will be adding a StumbleUpon icon on the front page of the site, any suggestions for any others?
  • The Edinburgh Book Festival is on the way
  • As is the new forum. My 9-5 job at the moment is super hectic so I’ve not had the change to build the forum as quickly as I would like. However I do think this would be a big addition and improvement to the community feel on the site so hopefully I’ll get a chance to work on it soon enough.

Other than that, nothing much to tell. I’ll post a couple more not site news posts on this blog, more thoughts from this old head of mine.

If you know anyone with a load of books, books they don’t want anymore or even just books they’d like to recycyle and they’re in the UK, then please tell them about our site at

Any comments, questions, suggestions, I’m always glad to hear from you.