so what’s been happening?

June 7, 2008

Well this is just an update really.

I’ve climbed Google Search Rankings with a great pace actually. If you searched in the UK for swap and books, we were on page 12. Now we’re on page 2. Obviously with Google that could all change in the next hour, but I’ve decided to take this as positive and be happy that we’re finally moving in the right way.

You may have noticed some email errors this week, this was caused by my stupidity to be honest. There is a setting called SendMail and on my home PC it’s set to False, on the web it’s set to True. I set the web version to false by mistake and caused problems this week…sorry. Needless to say it’s been fixed and it’s all working again.

We’ve had some swaps take place, the site is working and moving real fast compared to speeds a while ago. Everything is good and I’m happy everything is improving.

In the next month the Edinburgh Book Festival launches it’s program. I’m looking forward to this because I do intend to be at the festival this year, big time. Maybe see you there.

Also either in July or August I hope to send out the first newsletter, so keep an eye out for that.

Any comments, questions then please let me know.


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