issues fixed

April 30, 2008

ok, I’ve fixed the registration problems, fiction and history problems and some of the firefox layout issues. To be honest I’m going to be working on the sites design and amending it here and there so it’s probably best to fix those problems when I’m doing that task.

So the problems mentioned below have all been fixed basically. I’ll start promoting the site around the web soon in the hope of drumming up some activity. If you know someone you think this site will benefit then please let them know about us.

Some of the new features added include

  • new and improved layout for the book categories and the home page (including some support answers on the front page)
  • newsletter
  • this blog being accessible from the site
  • an information bar just below the nav that hopefully I’ll add later to the rest of the site
  • members profiles and profile pics to go with
  • also a lot (and I mean a lot) of work has been done behind the scenes to speed up the site. I know I’m biased, but compared to the speed of the site before this has been a massive improvement.

Any problems/questions/suggestions just add a comment to this post and I’ll get on it as soon as I can.



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