so, I’m changing the site

March 20, 2008

Yeah you might have guessed that I am going to make some big changes to the site. Hopefully these should all be up and running in the near future, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got the next couple of days free so lets see how much of this stuff I can get done.

Some (just some mind) of the changes are going to be…

Profile Pictures

If you have a profile on the site, you’ll be able to upload an avatar (photo people) and this will be shown in your profile and next to your books (not sure if profile pics will be on the homepage though, but for sure everywhere else).

Favoured Sections

Soon if you register, you’ll be able (in your profile) to indicate what your favourite section of the site is and we’ll send you a weekly email to let you know the books that have been added to that section that week (excluding your own of course). Of course you can turn this feature on and off if you so wish.


I recently went to an internet marketing meeting and one of the things that came out, was that a lot of web professionals see these as a waste of time. I’m not 100% sure I agree, but I have my doubts about whether or not people read them. Out of 100 people you’re lucky if 15 read it. So, we’ll launch a newsletter that we’ll send when we have things to say but if it’s not working for me or for you, the user, then we’ll scrap it. So, on a trial basis, coming soon the fantastic We Swap Books Newsletter.


There is a new design on the way. Probably won’t be anytime soon, but we’ll see. I may roll it out in stages, depends on several factors to be honest, but one thing I can say is that the eye splitting colours are going. Well, maybe not completely but defintely they’ll be toned down.

Book Swapping

I’m actually going to make this a lot easier. In your profile you have 2 lists, I’m going to combine them into 1 and include filters. We’re also going to remove some sections, add some sections and basically just rejuvinate the whole site.


I’m also going to try and promote the hell out of this site. At the moment it’s a decent site with no visitors, reason being is because not a lot of people know it’s here. That’s going to change.

Anyway, that is just some of the changes I’m going to be implementing. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site in general or even the promotion of the site, then please leave a comment.

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